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How to be succinct.

Regarding Singletons, Steve Yegge writes:

<p></p><blockquote><p> In my Data Structures course in college, when we got to AVL trees, my prof turned and wrote on the board, in huge, clear letters: </p> <p><pre> AVL Trees are EVIL</pre> </p> <p> …and that’s all we had to learn about them. He had us implement red/black trees and splay trees instead. To this day, I have no idea how threaded AVL trees work. But if that’s OK with Dan Weld, it’s OK with me. </p> <p> But now I know how he felt.</p></blockquote><p> </p>

Steve, Steve. Follow Mr. Weld’s example. Or you could just point people toward “Test-Driven Development By Example”, since Mr. Beck has already covered this one pretty well:

<blockquote>“How do you provide global variables in languages without global variables? Don’t. Your programs will thank you for taking the time to think about design instead.”</blockquote>