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Changing the Server Timeout on EngineYard

While working on survey-web today, we were stuck for a really long time trying to figure out this problem.

Unless otherwise specified, image uploads while adding a response are capped at 5MB per image. Adding a larger image (like this 20MB image) should result in a validation error showing up.

Validation Error

On production, we’d see this.


After a lot of digging, including looking at Carrierwave (and Backgrounder), delayed_job server logs, and our controller logic pretty closely, we noticed in production.log that Rails was sending down a 200, but the browser was recieving a 502.

unicorn.log showed that a worker process was being killed with a SIGIOP whenever the error page showed up.

Only then did we realise that the worker was being killed around 60s every time. It had to be a timeout issue.

On EngineYard, the unicorn config already had:

# sets the timeout of worker processes to +seconds+.  Workers
# handling the request/app.call/response cycle taking longer than
# this time period will be forcibly killed (via SIGKILL).  This
# timeout is enforced by the master process itself and not subject
# to the scheduling limitations by the worker process.  Due the
# low-complexity, low-overhead implementation, timeouts of less
# than 3.0 seconds can be considered inaccurate and unsafe.
timeout 180

The server didn’t seem to be following this configuration.

After a fair bit of googling and help from the #engineyard IRC channel, this is what we did to fix it. Add the following lines to /data/nginx/nginx.conf inside the http{} block (replacing 300 with the timeout you need).

client_header_timeout 300;
client_body_timeout 300;
send_timeout 300;

And restart nginx/unicorn with

$ sudo /etc/init.d/nginx reload
$ /engineyard/bin/app_<app_name> reload